How to make Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes Origami is one of the fun loving thing that you can do it with your friends, families and kids. You can simply make a paper Airplane with this guide. If you want the Origami Paper Airplane last long, try to use foil paper.You can easily create a plane with a paper. After that, just throw it on and it will fly. Try to use thin paper. Because, If the paper has much weight it won’t fly on sky maximum time and quickly fall on the floor. All the credits goes to the original creator of this. We don’t have any rights. We are just compiled an easy and simple step by step guide for you.

Make Paper Airplanes - Origami instructions

Warning before Make Origami Paper Airplanes:

  • We are not responsible/liable for any kind of incident using this folded crafts. If any problem or trouble happens that may related to the creating it.
  • There is no guarantee or warranty for this paper folding origami that will work. Those instructions/steps are given in this guide/tutorial for fun only.
  • Before going to perform this guide, first read the whole steps and understand it.
  • All the credits goes to the original creator.

Pre Requirements to make Origami Paper Planes:

  • A Piece of Paper. As per your need.
  • A simple knowledge about the paper folding instructions. Check this guide:- How to Make Origami

How to Make Paper Airplanes Origami that Fly:

  • Everything starts with a paper. So, first you need to take a piece of paper. Take it as per your need.
  • Fold the top two corners down as per the second image.
  • Then Again do the same thing but slightly increased space.
  • After that fold the top arrow corner to bottom that reaches the previously folded point.
  • Then Fold it half in the center point vertically. The previously folded area should be come out of the craft.
  • After that, Fold the wings area to the opposite side.
  • Finally you will get the full finished paper Airplane.

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How to make Paper Airplanes

Rating: 4

Total Time: 15 minutes

Things You needed

  • A single Paper
  • Fun & Creative Mind
  • Simple knowledge to understand the steps.


  1. First read the whole guide then proceed to the next level.


Take a good quality paper. Colored paper will be more attractive.

This is created easily! Folding Paper Origami Airplane has been successfully created. If you met any kind of problem, trouble or understanding this tutorial feel free to inform it to us. Do share your thoughts in comment section about this guide. You can also see the video in Youtube to get more ideas.

We will update many guides and tutorials for you or your teens, kids in future. Stay updated with us by subscribing newsletters, Google Plus Fan, Facebook Fan page. Now you have successfully learned how to make an Origami Paper Airplanes that fly.

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