How to Make An Origami Boat

Paper Boat Origami is really joyful one for kids and teens to play with it in rain. This easy method will guide you to make the Origami Boats. If you want the folding boat last long time in water, try to use grease-proof paper or foil paper.

When the rainy season comes, many kids and teens will love to make a folded boats canoe that floats. Floating boats are really easy to create with the paper folding.

Make Paper Origami Boat that float

How to Make Folded Origami Boat that Floats:

  • First take a paper that suits for your need. If you want this floats, get a foil paper. Use a rectangle paper for this.
  • Fold it half as shown in this pic.
  • Then, Fold the top left corner and top right corner to downwards.
  • You will get an extra space at the bottom. Now, fold the both bottom area to upwards.
  • Use the finger to lift up the middle area and push the side area together.
  • Now you will get a square size of paper. Then fold bottom points to upwards. Do it for both sides.
  • Then lift the middle area and push it.
  • Now you need to pull the both sides to downwards to get the origami boat.
  • That’s all. You have finished the origami boat that floats in water as well as rain too.

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How to Make An Origami Boat

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Total Time: 10 minutes

How to Make An Origami Boat

Things You needed

  • A single Paper
  • Simple knowledge to understand the procedures
  • Your precious time.


  1. Read and understand the whole guide first. Then proceed the next steps.


Use a good quality paper. Take a colored paper, It will give you more attractive.

This is created easily! Folding Paper Origami Boat has been successfully created. If you met any kind of problem, trouble or understanding this tutorial feel free to inform it to us. Do share your thoughts in comment section about this guide. You can also see the video in Youtube to get more ideas.

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