How to Fold Napkins for Weddings

Napkin folding for a wedding is a best and attractive way to decorate your Dining Tables. Paper napkins for wedding is one of the unique idea to personalize your table. You can also buy ready made wedding napkins by wholesale in the market. But, buying wholesale paper wedding napkins doesn’t give you the home made DIY feel. I will give you some tips to make engagement party napkins or for a wedding reception.

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There is no chance for the couple to know the different types of designs you can make at home. Simply follow the steps which i given from the following instruction and enjoy the 50th wedding anniversary function too. There are many wedding napkins folding ideas in the world. Here is our easy guide to wedding napkin folding styles.

Napkins folding Ideas for wedding:

There are many ideas and styles in Folding Napkins for Wedding. Some of the designs which are used widely – French Pleat, Candle, Crown, Goblet Fan, Peak, Flame, Trifold, Opera Fan, Bird Of Paradise, Cardinal Hat, Rose.

Whenever you try to do new things, first you need to choose the color of it. Most People choose the same color that they have chosen for it. I am suggesting you to choose two colors. So it will be more attractive value for the wedding reception. Choose One contrast color and another one is Light color. For example: Black and White, Blue and White.

The sort of serviette you use can in the end make a decision on what sort of form you to fold your serviette. A unfastened, flimsy paper serviette may well appear nice as a straightforward origami swan, but would look a mess if you attempted to fold it into a a lot more difficult fowl of paradise shape. Exactly where as a substance serviette may well appear greater as a straightforward French pleat because it is not rigid enough to stand up as a Cardinal Hat fold. All these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing on how to fold your serviette.

How to Fold Napkins for Wedding:

There are many guides in the market about folding napkins for wedding anniversary or reception. Here is a simple French Pleat style for the Wedding Napkins folding idea for the beginner stage.

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How to Fold Napkins for Weddings

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Total Time: 20 minutes

How to Fold Napkins for Weddings

Things You needed

  • Napkin
  • Patience
  • Creative mind
  • Interest to decorate the wedding of your beloved one


  1. Follow the simple instructions to fold the napkins easily.


Use “The Best” cloth napkin. The color must suit for your theme.

You may find many videos and tutorial about how to fold napkins for weddings. We have chosen this French Pleat video because it is more attractable and easily made without any advanced knowledge. Share your views about this guide with us. Hope the above Folding Napkin origami of Fold napkins for Weddings was helped you a lot.

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